How can I create an account?

To register, go to the SIGN IN/REGISTER link at the upper right navigation of the page. This will open the registration page and follow these steps: 1. You’ll be asked to enter your name and email address and choose a password, then click the “Create Account” button at the bottom. Once an order is placed, you can go online to the “My Account” tab and input your registered email and password information. After logging in, you can view your order status, update your personal account information and view current/past orders.

What can cause my order to be delayed?
If the billing information you provided does not match what your bank has on file (including address and telephone number) – if the order is International and needs further information (including address and telephone number).

Is it too late to cancel my order?
If you would like to attempt to modify or cancel your order, please contact us sooner so we can void it before shipment. Due to the high volume of orders shipped daily, we may be unable to cancel the order as we aim to fulfill our orders as quickly as possible. Once an order has shipped, we can no longer cancel it. However, you can still request to return it upon receiving your item. Please be advised that emailing your request only guarantees cancellation if you receive a reply from customer service or a formal cancellation email.

Can you source a specific watch for me?
We would love to discuss any watch you want to purchase! We process a high volume of watches, and the watch you are looking for may already be in our system. Please contact a Client Advisor, and they will let you know if we have the watch in inventory or if we can source the watch for you. You can also add an alert to your wishlist on the website or our mobile app to check and see if the watch you are looking for has come in stock.

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